The supervised Consumption of Opiate Substitute Medication Specification

Eligibility Criteria

All referrals under this contract must come from Hackney drug treatment service providers for example:

  • Community Drug Service – Lifeline Project LTD
  • Complex Needs Team (formerly Specialist Addiction Unit) – East London NHS Foundation Trust
  • Drug Intervention Programme – Westminster Drug Project

The aim of shared care is to ensure the safe, effective and equitable management of drug using patients within a shared care prescribing arrangement.

The key service providers in shared care are prescribers, community drug services and pharmacists.


  • New patients prescribed substitute medication should be required to take their daily doses under the direct supervision of a professional for a period of time that may be around three months, subject to the assessment of patient’s compliance and individual circumstances.
  • The daily treatment of drug users is the daily contact they have with the service users and their ability to monitor and offer on general health and well being.
  • The service aim is to support all drug users in complying with their medication regime.
  • All service users will have to sign an agreement with their treatment provider concerning the supervised consumption of medication.


Treatments included are as follows: