Eligibility Criteria

This service is targeted at Hackney residents, but vulnerable young people who the pharmacist judges likely to benefit will not be excluded.

The following eligibility criteria applies to the following patients:

  • Under 18 conceptions
  • Chlamydia diagnoses (among 15-24 years old)
  • People presenting HIV at a late stage of infection


This service is available to all clients under the age of 16 years of age and will be offered the option of using a private space for the discussion or consultation.

Pharmacist will personally speak with and advise the person requesting treatment.

Free condom distribution will be offered to young men and women aged under 25 years of age in Hackney.

Emergency hormonal contraception commonly also called the morning after pill and azithromycin will only be supplied to the intended user. Issue of condoms/EHC/azithromycin cannot be issued to friends, relatives and other third parties collecting the supply on behalf of the intended user. But appropriate advice and information will be given to pass to the intended user.

Pharmacy will supply C-Card if there is space available and the registration can be done in a private room or area. Along with the card the young person will be supplied between 3 and 12 condoms (and lubricants if requested) depending on the individual needs and guidance.