Eligibility Criteria

This service is provided to all residents and / or workers who self present as wishing to quit smoking and that are within the borough boundaries.


The following support will be provided to each individual quitters are:

  • Motivation will be given to stop smoking and support to set a quit date.
  • All clients will be given the structure and process of the intervention.
  • Information on tobacco withdrawal and advice and the management of withdrawal symptoms will be provided.
  • Comprehensive advice will be given on treatment options, the possible side effects. NRT, or Varenicline (Champix) can be offered in combination with behavioural support.
  • There will be on going monitoring of therapy.
  • Support will be given to build a repertoire for coping strategies and troubleshoot any problems.
  • Carbon monoxide tests will be provided regularly and feedback on progress and verification of quit attempt will provided.
  • On going coping mechanisms will be planned with support and therapy at the end of treatment.
  • Client satisfaction will be assessed and intervention will be provided.

Face to face support is given on a weekly basis for a total of six to twelve sessions including the initial assessment as need determines.


Treatments that can be provided include are:

  • NRT (Including patches, nasal spray, mouth spray, lozenges, gums, micro tab, inhalator, tablet, strips and combination) upto two products can be supplied.
  • Or Champix

Prescription charge applies for each supply, patients are advised to obtain NHS prepayment certificate to reduce the cost of treatment. We can either do this for you in the day or if you choose you can apply direct from http://www.nhsbsa.nhs.uk/1127.aspx

E Cigarettes are not included.