Emergency Hormonal Contraception

EHC (morning after pill) will be supplied to all pre-menopausal women of any age who need the EHC following an episode of unprotected sexual intercourse.

Supple of EHC will only be given if the pharmacist is satisfied that the EHC is appropriate and that the client understands the circumstances in which EHC will be effective.

Levonorgestrel can only be supplied for use at the time and will not be supplied for possible future use. The tablet should be taken on the premises.


Free Condom Distribution

City & Hackney is part of the London-wide condom distribution scheme come correct, which provides access to free condoms in a variety of outlets, of which Murrays Chemist is one. Over the last 12 months, more than 80,000 free condoms have been provided to under-25s in the borough.

If you’re under 25 visit Murrays Chemist and you can pick up free condoms in the City & Hackney scheme.